How can we help?

    Where is your company based?

    Our head office and plant are based in Nagpur, India. We also have offices in Mumbai and the UAE. SNN Popcorn distributors/wholesalers are present across India.

    Who are your target customers?

    We cater to home consumers, cinema chains, supermarkets as well as hotel chains. Please contact us to know more about the different packagings we offer.

    What is expansion?

    Expansion indicates how much the popcorn will expand when cooked. Its units are litres per kg, meaning how many litres the cooked popcorn may occupy if 1 kg of raw popcorn is cooked. For example, if 1 kg popcorn of 48 expansion is cooked, it will occupy 48 litres after cooking. Higher expansion helps theatres fill more tubs with each kg of popcorn. So higher the expansion, higher the revenue for theatres.

    What expansions do you offer?

    We offer 39+, 42+, 44+, 46+ and 48+ litres/kg of expansions. These expansions are as measured in Cretors MWVT machines, which are the worldwide standard for measuring expansion in popcorn.