Exquisite Popcorn in Premium Packaging

From the world’s finest cultivation zones, our products promise excellent popping quality, extended freshness, and durable packaging.

Multiple Cretors MWVTs in our laboratory help ensure consistent expansion for our customers. The MWVT is the only expansion tester recognised by the Popcorn Institute of USA.

Featuring the world-renowned DICKEY-john from the US, our laboratory ensures that the moisture is optimal for the best expansion and shelf life.

Our processing operations adhere to the ISO 22000 food safety standards, reflecting our dedication to exceptional quality control and consumer safety.

Our popcorn is procured from the finest growing regions on the planet. It is then processed and packed in various premium packagings, ranging from 40 g premix packets to 30 kg wholesale bags. Finally, it is sold at various cinema chains, supermarkets, boutique stores and e-commerce platforms across India.

  • Expands perfectly
  • Features a long shelf life
  • Is processed as per ISO 22000 norms
  • Is packed in low-permeability packaging


Indulge in our heart-healthy Popcorn Premix, meticulously prepared with sunflower oil promising a healthy and delightful snacking experience at home.

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Experience our premium popcorn in convenient 200g and 500g packets, ideal for enjoying freshness in small, manageable portions. These popular packs are a hit on Amazon and Flipkart!


Our line of five expansion-based variants offer superb options for consumers looking for any specific expansion, with the highest expansion ranging up to a phenomenal 50 litres/kg.


The 30 kg wholesale bags also offer the same accuracy of expansion as the 1 kg packets, with the top variant offering a whopping 50 litres/kg.

300/350g – Plain/Salted

These packets contain the optimum quantities of raw popcorn, flavour and oil, making it easier to get a uniform taste in every batch for theatres.


The ball-like shape of mushroom popcorn makes it suitable for coating with caramel, cheese, or chocolate. It is also less likely to break during coating.

32oz / 46oz

The classic cinema-style popcorn tub enhances the popcorn experience, perfect for enjoying at home or at the movies.

  • “SNN Popcorn’s packing and product quality are very good.”

  • “Product quality and service of SNN Popcorn is very good.”

  • “The quality is very good with excellent expansion. We are very satisfied with SNN Popcorn.”

    Ashirwaad Theatres


  • “Customers are very loyal to SNN Popcorn and we see continuous demand for this brand.”

    Amar Supermarket


  • “SNN Popcorn has excellent product quality, taste and expansion.”

    Sheyansha Traders

    Uttar Pradesh

Where is your company based?

Our head office and plant are based in Nagpur, India. We also have offices in Mumbai and the UAE. SNN Popcorn distributors/wholesalers are present across India.

Who are your target customers?

We cater to home consumers, cinema chains, supermarkets as well as hotel chains. Please contact us to know more about the different packagings we offer.

What is expansion?

Expansion indicates how much the popcorn will expand when cooked. Its units are litres per kg, meaning how many litres the cooked popcorn may occupy if 1 kg of raw popcorn is cooked. For example, if 1 kg popcorn of 48 expansion is cooked, it will occupy 48 litres after cooking. Higher expansion helps theatres fill more tubs with each kg of popcorn. So higher the expansion, higher the revenue for theatres.

What expansions do you offer?

We offer 39+, 42+, 44+, 46+ and 48+ litres/kg of expansions. These expansions are as measured in Cretors MWVT machines, which are the worldwide standard for measuring expansion in popcorn.